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Sentences Sentence examples. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. All rights reserved. Link to this page. MLA Style "Dribble. In YourDictionary. To move a ball or puck by repeated light bounces or kicks, as in basketball or soccer. To advance by dribbling: dribbled down the court. To hit a baseball, for example so that it bounces slowly and low to the ground.

Verb third-person singular simple present dribbles, present participle dribbling, simple past and past participle dribbled To let saliva drip from the mouthto drool To fall in drops or an unsteady streamto trickle In various ball gamesto run with the ball, controlling its path with the feet basketball To bounce the ball on the floor with one hand at a time, enabling the player to move with it; To advance by dribbling to let something fall in drips in various ball games, to move the ball, by repeated light kicks.

Noun plural dribbles A weakunsteady stream; a trickle. A small amount of a liquid. In sport, the act of dribbling. Anagrams dibbler. English Wiktionary. Home Dictionary Definitions dribble. Sentence Examples. Also Mentioned In. Join YourDictionary today.To flow or fall in drops or an unsteady stream; trickle: Water dribbled from the leaky faucet. Sports a. To move a ball or puck by repeated light bounces or kicks, as in basketball or soccer.

To advance by dribbling: dribbled down the court. To let flow or fall in drops or an unsteady stream. To move a ball or puck by dribbling. To hit a baseball, for example so that it bounces slowly and low to the ground.

Soccer in soccer, basketball, hockey, etc to propel the ball by repeatedly tapping it with the hand, foot, or stick. Basketball in soccer, basketball, hockey, etc to propel the ball by repeatedly tapping it with the hand, foot, or stick.

Switch to new thesaurus. To fall or let fall in drops of liquid: distilldripdroptrickleweep. To let saliva run from the mouth: driveldroolsalivateslaverslobber. The process or sound of dripping: driptrickle.

How to Dribble a Basketball (7-Step Guide + Drills)

Water dribbled out of the tap. The football player dribbled the ball up the field. A dribble ran down his chin. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? They felt the pride of their onward movement when the remainder of the army seemed trying to dribble down this road. View in context. Enlightened collectors of old pictures pour into the market by fifties, while genuine specimens of Claude, or of any other Old Master you like to mention, only dribble in by ones and twos. There's no pleasure i' living if you're to be corked up for ever, and only dribble your mind out by the sly, like a leaky barrel.

It wouldn't allow itself to be adjusted on the top bar; it wouldn't hear of accommodating itself kindly to the knobs of coal; it WOULD lean forward with a drunken air, and dribblea very Idiot of a kettle, on the hearth.

A large whale's case generally yields about five hundred gallons of sperm, though from unavoidable circumstances, considerable of it is spilled, leaks, and dribbles away, or is otherwise irrevocably lost in the ticklish business of securing what you can.

Dribble for the Cure Returns to St. John's University on Saturday, September 21, A successful dribble is defined by Opta as an attempt by a player to beat an opponent while in possession of the ball, whereby the defender is beaten and possession is retained. Virgil van Dijk, and how to become dribble-resistant; LFC Stories: Everybody knows the famous Van Dijk stat, but how does he do it and what does it mean? After months of hard work - while pregnant with her second child Rachel - Gillian finally launched Dribble in November Free app helps find family fun; Locate baby-friendly places at the click of a button with innovative Dribble software.

The only requirement for those willing to join the event is that they must be at least years-old and can dribble a basketball. Qatar Airways 'official matchday presenter' during Bayern's exciting win over Leipzig. Dictionary browser? Full browser?Log in Sign up. Listen to an audio pronunciation. An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object e. The man sneezed.

El sudor goteaba por la cara de Charlie mientras intentaba arreglar el acondicionador de aire. Sophie advanced, dribbled, and shot across the goal. The striker dribbled past the goalie and scored. A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object e.

I bought a book. Cristina puede driblear la pelota con cualquiera de las manos. A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea e. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine like la mujer or la luna or masculine like el hombre or el sol.

Lucy put a dribble of cream in her coffee. Only a dribble of water is coming out of the shower. Solo cae un hilo de agua de la regadera.

I couldn't close the faucet, and so there's still a dribble of water coming out. No pude cerrar la llave, y por eso siguen saliendo gotas de agua.

The dog fell asleep on my lap and now my pants are wet with his dribble. I need to go buy shampoo. There's just a dribble left in the bottle. Solo queda una gota en el frasco.

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The new player had a couple of good dribbles in the second half. El nuevo jugador hizo un par de buenos dribblings en el segundo tiempo. That was a classic dribble from the Spanish forward. Well, that's why I learned how to dribble with both hands. We got to learn to dribble our enemies with our eyes.

BEST 1 ON 1 BASKETBALL MOVES! [Simple Scoring Moves]

Tenemos que aprender a evitar nuestros enemigos con los ojos, Luiza.To drool, slaver, drivel. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Standing dribbling with a handball ball, alternating right hand, left hand, left foot and right foot Idem 1 with a handball ball 2 x 10 rep P--active with walking and shaking arms and legs The importance of preparation of psihomotric components to junior handball players aged years old.

For those who just want to charge off and play, here are four simple techniques to help: Face up an opponent while dribbling by holding the left trigger and right trigger together. Then a marathon, dribbling the ball right round the boundary of our nine acres I went with him, taking a book, for it was a warm, sunny morning - through the ferns, shooting at goal when we came to a gate, heading the ball at the trunk of an oak tree, his singing of snatches of songs alternating with his dribbling.

She's really gotten better at seeing the floor, dribbling into the paint and setting up a teammate. Boffoli is steady leader for WRHS. But why all the basketball dribbling by Coelho's charges? A bounce in his step. To establish the motivation of the coaches sports specific issues were integrated, which led to 4 basketball specific items being incorporated in each session stance exercise, Aberdeen, dribbling and passing drill.

Efficacy of a sports specific balance training programme on the incidence of ankle sprains in basketball. Even if a keyboard student only "practices" dribbling with an imaginary basketball, he is learning to coordinate a hand and forearm movement.

Having a "ball" with Staccato. When Frank "Shake and Bake" Streety discloses the source of his wizardry in a recipe, it epitomizes Mallozzi's wizardry as well: "Use two full servings of between-the-legs dribbling. Toss in one behind-the-back-dribble, left to right. According to the plaintiff, the competitions in question were launched in by Game Over founder Eric Hicks, who grew up in the Bronx and learned the dribbling dance moves on the street. Dribbling dance moves spark a suit.

If you want to score in basketball, you've got to put the ball on the floor--that means dribblingand we don't mean sloppy eating. More Bounce to the Ounce. Ms Sarah Ward, marketing manager at the Tea Council, said: "We welcome the professor's findings, and if he finds a cure for dribbling teapots that would be fantastic".

Why Belgian professor's spout theory is not so potty. Dreaming of sports. Medical browser? Full browser?To drool, slaver, drivel. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Dribble for the Cure Returns to St. John's University on Saturday, September 21, Jamaal Lascelles experienced a dribble just three times, as well as Harry Maguire and Chris Smalling suffering only six times each.

Virgil van Dijk, and how to become dribble-resistant; LFC Stories: Everybody knows the famous Van Dijk stat, but how does he do it and what does it mean? Free app helps find family fun; Locate baby-friendly places at the click of a button with innovative Dribble software.

Hardaway on his crossover move: Nobody does it better. Speaking at a charity auction for his foundation, the Neymar Institute, he said: "My game is to dribbleto face the opponent. Neymar savages snipers. Lozano tries to dribble past Felipe Luis and unleash a shot, but the veteran Brazilian midfielder steps in to block the effort. World Cup Neymar leads Brazil past Mexico and into quarterfinals.

dribble meaning

CFD simulations with imposed fuel injector dribble demonstrated that the measured fast FID tracers can accurately be reproduced in both magnitude and shape. Comprised of three parts, a low-friction polyurethane dribble sheet, a steel mounting bracket and a powerful vibrator, the combination of mechanical disruption and the slick surface prevents material from adhering and feeds it back into the main discharge flow.

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Martin Engineering debuts vibrating dribble chute. Ben Arfa: I need to produce in long-term.

Mo learning midfield art from Spanish past master. Medical browser? Full browser?In sportsdribbling is maneuvering a ball by one player while moving in a given direction, avoiding defenders' attempts to intercept the ball.

A successful dribble will bring the ball past defenders legally and create opportunities to score. In association footballa dribble is one of the most difficult ball skills to master and one of the most useful attacking moves.

In typical game play, players attempt to propel the ball toward their opponents' goal through individual control of the ball, such as by dribbling the usage of technical maneuvers.

In order to go past an opponent, dribbling can involve a wide variety of manipulative tricks and feints ; Ronaldinho would often employ elaborate skills and feints, such as the elasticoin order to beat defenders.

Dribbling is often invaluable especially in the third part of a pitch or at the wings, where most attacks take place. Dribbling creates space in tight situations where the dribbler is marked closely guarded by a defenderand the dribbler can either score or create scoring chances after a successful dribble. However, dribbling, if poorly mastered and used, may result in the loss of possession either when the ball is intercepted or tackled by a defender.

A skilful dribbler is often hard to dispossess; unsuccessful tackles which do not reach the ball may result in a useful free kick situation and a reprimand for the offender in the form of a penalty card. Early references to dribbling come from accounts of medieval football games in England. For example, Geoffrey Chaucer offered an allusion to such ball skills in fourteenth century England.

In the Canterbury Tales written some time after he uses the following line: "rolleth under foot as doth a ball".

Although the precise date is uncertain it certainly comes from between and This is the first account of an exclusively "kicking game" and the first description of dribbling: "[t]he game at which they had met for common recreation is called by some the foot-ball game.

It is one in which young men, in country sport, propel a huge ball not by throwing it into the air but by striking it and skilfully rolling it along the ground, and that not with their hands but with their feet In basketballdribbling is bouncing the ball on the floor continuously with one hand at a time.

It is the only legal way that a player may maintain possession of the ball while walking or running. James Naismith 's original rules said nothing about dribbling, merely stating that passing the ball was the legal way of advancing it.

Players soon developed the strategy of "passing to themselves", which Naismith himself both endorsed and admired for its ingenuity, and which evolved into the dribble as it is known today. The first known team to dribble was Yale University in The dribble allows for much faster advancement and thus more opportunities for scoring. It also provides an opportunity for a crafty player on the opposing team to "steal" the ball in mid-bounce.

Once a player stops dribbling the ball and holds it, the player normally must either pass it to another player or take a shot; if the player dribbles and then holds the ball in any way either grasping it with their hands or arms, or "palming" it, i. A "double dribble" may also be called if the player tries to dribble with both hands at the same time.Add dribble to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Heads-ups and wake-up calls!

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dribble meaning

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The water was barely dribbling out of the faucet. UK Dribble the remaining olive oil over the tomatoes. Synonyms drip.

dribble meaning

Movement of liquids. UK to have liquid slowly coming out of your mouth :.

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Babies dribble constantly. He dribbled the ball and then shot. His speed allows him to easily dribble past defenders. General terms used in ball sports. Related words dribbler. There was dribble all over her chin. The flow of water was reduced to a dribble. Brinkworth's attempted dribble through the Milan defense was stopped by Ponti's tackle. Customers dribbled in and out all day.

Water leaked from the tank in dribbles. He took one dribble and then passed the ball. Examples of dribble. However, it has not taken any specific actions and negotiations keep dribbling on indefinitely.

From Europarl Parallel Corpus - English.

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I should regret it very much if parts or the whole of the review dribbled out. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.


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