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Did you create a beautiful website with a lot of content and then someone came along with a request to change the default language? If the answer is yes, then don't worry, it's pretty easy to swap translated content using Management API of Storyblok. Yes, we also experienced this situation at Wondrous LTD. As we set up the project, we already knew that the page would have to be multilingual and would require at least 2 language versions of content for go live.

We choose option no. We added German as a secondary language and set up the whole NuxtJS project with English as the default language in mind. Basically, you have two options how to do it:. You don't have 6 minutes to spare?

Nuxt.js & Storyblok CMS as alternative to Jekyll

Easy, just scroll to the end and download the script through the provided link and use it. See the storyblok documentation for more info on that. Install storyblok-js-client and get your personal access token from your account settings - this is not a space tokenbut an account token. Then get the id of the space where you will want to perform a swap of content and finally define the new default language and where you want to move the old default content.

Now we know which content of the fields needs to be swapped. So we need to get all stories. Tge function Storyblok. We get through all pages and for each story we will request the content of the story using story. Here we just get content of the story and we will call swapContentOfStory function to swap i18n content. Finally swapping - so first we need to know, which fields of the current content are translatable. For that, we will use the name of the component content.

Now we look at the keys of the current content, if it contains any match with the translatable field of the component. We will perform a swap of content for these fields lines If the key is not translatable and it is an Array we will recursively call one more time this function swapContentOfStory.

The last step of the script is an update of the story with new content. For that, you need to have an id of the story and new content and call this function. At this moment your story in Storyblok will look like the code below. That's it - you can now swap your content as often as you want. And don't worry at all, you will always have backups and the version tree in Storyblok.Storyblocks provides unlimited stock for creatives with flexible subscription plans that fit any budget so you can create more, faster.

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Our flexible subscription plans scale to give you access to an unlimited library of high-quality stock options with downloads that fit your workload. No matter if you're a freelance creator, a YouTuber, or a part of a large creative team, we have licensing that help you cover your projects appropriately with unlimited distribution.

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Don't be limited by a la carte pricing. All of our plans give you access to an unlimited library — just choose your stock, download count, and licensing needs. Includes HD video content 5 downloads per month.

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Includes all video content without download limits. Includes all video, audio, and image content without download limits. Includes music content 3 downloads per month. Includes all audio content without download limits. Need a membership for your organization? Stop worrying about budgetary restraints or the right coverage. Give your team creative freedom with a license written directly to your business. Storyblocks works best with the latest technology.

Please upgrade your browser to ensure the best experience. Video Audio Images. Business Solutions.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together. Join them to grow your own development teams, manage permissions, and collaborate on projects.

You found an issue with one of our products? JavaScript 5. Repository to contribute translations for app. JavaScript 5 7. JavaScript 21 Storyblok ruby client for easy access of the content delivery api. Ruby 10 3. HTML 15 2. Storyblok Nuxt. JavaScript 68 5. A Nuxt. Storyblok Demo Website using Nuxt.

storyblok support

A curated list of awesome things related to Storyblok CMS. Gatsby source plugin for building websites using the Storyblok headless CMS as a data source. Multilanguage website build with GatsbyJS and Storyblok. Storyblok starter boilerplate for Gridsome. Official Storyblok source plugin for Gridsome.

Nextjs Multilanguage Website.

How to Swap i18n Content in Storyblok

Demo project showcasing Storyblok's GraphQL api. A storyblok laravel demo based on our updated tutorial. Nextjs Storyblok boilerplate. Gatsby starter template with Storyblok's headless cms and true preview. Storyblok's Gridsome Boilerplate Moon-Theme. Nuxtjs Multilanguage Website. Storyblok authentification module for the Nuxt.

React component for storyblok. This is Storyblok's rendering service to render html from the data of the richtext field type.Delivery API. About the Questions category Questions. Global component that itself references stories from a folder Questions. Help with index page and static rendering Nuxt Questions. How to render Richtext in Nuxt. Language limitation of i characters Questions. Poor react performance with the Components resolver Questions. How can i group posts by tag Questions.

How can i share plugin with somebody Questions. How to group entries by folders but keep URLs flat Questions. How to group schemas into array of objects Questions. How to add previews when adding a new block? Products with different options Questions. Where can I manage the internal Tags? How to link to translated stories via link selection browser Questions. Can I store my images and files inside a folder in the "Content" section instead of "Assets"? Default value of boolean field type Questions.

Custom Password Rules Questions. Is there an example on how to call the delivery api from a plugin Questions. Something went wrong calling your webhook Questions. Cors trouble with Nuxt and storyblok Questions.

storyblok support

What happens after rate API Limit reached? What happens after the 14 days trial? Can Storyblok's support team help you with the implementation of your project?Storyblok's support team tries its best to help you wherever it can. However there are some topics where it's better to ask for help elsewhere. Following some examples:. You don't know how to install the Storyblok SDK's. Please read the documentation, tutorials or study the example projects. Your website is slow and you don't know how to improve the load speed.

Please research on Stackoverflow or other developer communities for best practises about caching and optimization techniques. You have issues accessing data from Storyblok in your project. Please use logging to output the data and understand better what is behind each variable and how the data flows.

If that doesn't help research on developer communities. You have a problem in your application that is not directly related to Storyblok's api or Storyblok's Javascript bridge.

storyblok support

You have problems with your application that requires us to install any software or packages to analyse and debug. For security reasons Storyblok's support team is not allowed to execute code or install dependencies from project code that gets sent to us.

Our Partner Program just launched - Become a Partner now and benefit! FAQ Can Storyblok's support team help you with the implementation of your project?

Storyblok Live Preview! - & Storyblok - Building a Complete Blog

Following some examples: Where our support team CAN help? You are in search for example projects, boilerplates and tools for Storyblok. You want to submit a feature request of the Storyblok editing interface or api. You want to know more about Storyblok's roadmap.

You have issues integrating Storyblok's Javascript bridge in your project. You want to know how to setup your content structure. You have problems with non-official Storyblok plugins or SDK's.Our Partner Program just launched - Become a Partner now and benefit! Frequently Asked Questions. What is the difference between the id and uid The story id is the old default id of the story, we could call it also a legacy. We keep the id in the JSON to not introduce any breaking How to join the ambassador program Anybody can become an ambassador of Storyblok.

All we expect is that you care as much about the community as we do and that you share your knowledge.

storyblok support

It does How to backup collaborators Load current collaborators Access your current space from the management API and execute a GET request to receive a space object.

Retrieve one Space This will give you access to How to render the rich text field using React. We recommend you to check also our Richtext field documentation out Can Storyblok's support team help you with the implementation of your project? Storyblok's support team tries its best to help you wherever it can.

However there are some topics where it's better to ask for help elsewhere. Following some examples:Where our support How can I create a new datasource dimension with the management api?

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Does Storyblok support dynamic links? If you're looking for anchor links for lets say headlines it would be something to be implemented in your frontend which can take the current string of your headline and Does Storyblok offer bulk operations?

A UI feature Can you create password-protected entries in Storyblok?Storyblok has the user experience of a page builder with a modern headless architecture behind.

This gives the developer freedom and the editor a self explaining intuitive interface. Build websites at warp speed with a headless CMS that is extremely easy to use and comes with a huge ecosystem of services. From on the fly image resizing to custom plugins - everything is made to help you deliver projects faster. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing. Storyblok offers the following functionalities:.

Learn more about Storyblok features. Storyblok also offers a Free Plan with limited features. Learn more about Storyblok pricing. What do you like best? Super easy setup, with a lot of different available resources in all different programming languages. For beginners there are also easy to use sample pages, with demo content.

It provides a lot of flexibility and freedom on how to manage and setup the product, allowing it to be used for all sorts of different usecases. After that the maintenance and input of data was super fast.

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Storyblok has one of the best support I have ever experienced. Fast direct answers via Twitter and E-mail. Useful replies with helpful links to help with questions. Super fast reliable API with great caching mechanisms. Including a super handy image transformation API to serve images in the size they are required in.

As of the current projects I implemented with it, I had absolutely no problems nor was it missing any functionality. Check out the various great online resources like tutorials, docs, and all the different sample applications and open source projects and APIs available on GitHub. Versioned and backup of the data.

Easily revert changes. Multiple people maintain the data in a secure way. Easy to maintain also for non technical people. Get Listed.

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